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Antivirus Tests

Antivirus Tests

Send a test mail with virus attached

We use EICAR test file.

Download EICAR file locally.


For command-line sending, you will need mutt package (mail doesn’t support sending attachment)

apt-get install mutt -y

Send a test test mail with EICAR file (virus) attached

echo "Test virus body" | mutt -a -s "This is virus" --

Log Monitor

When your server receives a spam mail, you can see in postfix’s mail.loga lines like:

Oct 12 11:00:25 test amavis[1576510]: (1576510-03) Blocked INFECTED (Eicar-Test-Signature), [] [] <> -> <>, quarantine: S/virus-SA93AIGegqCY, Message-ID: <>, mail_id: SA93AIGegqCY, Hits: -, size: 976, 57 ms

There are online sites which can also email you EICAR files.

Debugging amavis

If results are not as per expectation, you can start amavis in debug mode using following commands:

service amavis stop
amavisd-new debug
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